Employment Service

Employment Services

For over 24 years, CESI has been dedicated to providing quality employment services and human resource solutions to medium-sized business in America. Since its establishment in 1988, CESI serves both local and regional businesses with both full-time and temporary staffing and job placement in addition to providing human resource services and consulting.

Why clients use CESI contract personnel.

  • Experienced qualified personnel -can be provided with a relatively short notice.
  • Staffing flexibility -variations with workload it easily handled.
  • Employer reduced costs -four advertising, recruitment, screening, testing, training and termination.
  • Short term client needs -most often do not justify permanent staff increases.
  • CESI spends 100 % of its time -contacting, tracking, and pre – qualifying available personnel.
  • CESI services -allow clients to view a potential employees performance in a prior to hire environment.

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